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Organizing Your Closet and Where to Start
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Organizing Your Closet and Where to Start



Maybe it is time for spring cleaning or you just cannot stand another day hunting through your closet to find something to wear and but the time has come to organize your closet (again). It is inevitable that there are belongings in your closet that need to go - maybe into the trash or a donation hamper but a new home has to be found for them either way. Before you start organizing, you need to start purging.


Every closet organizing session should start with some time spent deciding what you still wear and what can go elsewhere. Some questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if you should keep an item or not are:

* When was the last time I wore this? Unless it is a seasonal item, if you haven't worn it in six months it is time to let it go.
* Does it fit me properly? Clothing that is too big or small should not be kept for what-ifs. Donate it.
* What condition is it in? Spills, tears, wear and if your shirts or pants are showing any or all of these it is time to let them go.

To make this first step easy on you in terms of emotions and workload, follow these guidelines. Make quick decisions and once you decide donít go back and change your mind. Touch everything once, choose its fate is and move onto the next item. Set-up boxes and bags for the cast-offs. Garbage bags for the over-used belongings that cannot be donated and boxes labeled and ready to be donated to a charity, thrift store, or a friend.

Once the bags or boxes are full, take them to the car and get them to their new destination as soon as possible so you can carry on and enjoy your newly organized closet.



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