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How To Keep A Stylish Home With Small Children Around
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How To Keep A Stylish Home With Small Children Around

It's no secret, babies and little ones like to get their hands on everything.

Sometimes it seems like decorating your home and keeping your little ones and you're belonging safe, are in constant conflict.
There's good news.

You can still keep your home stylish while keeping your little ones from causing harm. 

Start with These Ideas:


* Banish the ugly, plastic cabinet locks. There are locks that are hidden away and you simply push down the plastic to fully open your cabinet. You can even find magnetic locks that are hidden on the inside of your cabinet. You simply use a magnetic piece, stored high on your refrigerator to open the cabinet when needed.

* When you want to keep children out of certain rooms, invest in a stylish locking doorknob know to keep the littlest ones out.


* To keep kids from pulling down shelves or playing with your favorite pieces, buy shelves that hang directly on your wall. Place the shelves where they cannot be touched by little hands. You can place decorative pieces, DVDs, and even books out of their reach.

* If you want candles, but worry that your children will burn themselves, try sconces that hang on your wall.

* Purchase a stylish high-chair that matches your dining decor. There are many wood and other finishes to choose from.


* Add color to your bathroom with towels and other non-harmful decorative elements.

* If you're worried about breaking dishes, Corel carries plenty of shatter-resistant sets in lovely patterns and styles.

* You can choose colorful tea towels, oven mitts, and trivets for the kitchen.

* Add throw pillows to your couch to add some style. Choose durable materials because little ones can't resist throwing the pillows around and playing with them.

* Wall decorating is fairly safe with kids around. Use mirrors, art pieces, and picture frames to add style to your home that is well out of your little one's reach.

* Minimize the toys in the living room. Just keep one small basket of toys in the living room and keep the rest in their playroom or bedroom. Boxes and boxes of toys in the living room only encourage more toys scattered about the house and take away from the decor you've carefully selected.


Now there's no more excuse for not having the decor you want. You can have style and a safe and fun home for your kids.



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