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How to Decorate a Farmhouse Country Kitchen - 5 Tips for 2023
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How to Decorate a Farmhouse Country Kitchen - 5 Tips for 2023

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Country Kitchen - 5 Tips for 2023

You made it. 

It's finally here.
After months and months (realistically, more like years and years) of "we'll get to it...", "Once the kids are out of elementary school...", "When we get that dang A/C replaced...", and many, many more lines that we've all said a dozen times, it's finally here.
You're finally able to move forward with sprucing up the kitchen to the charming rustic farmhouse style you've been dreaming about for years!
But now what? It feels like now that it's actually happening, you're left with hundreds of new questions and even more stress! "Traditional or contemporary? White cabinets or dark cabinets? Tile backsplash or wallpaper?" You just wanted to finally treat yourself a little bit and now you're pulling your hair out over a renovation!
If this sounds like you, then this article is just what you need. We are experts in the rustic home world and we have five easy tips for you to make this upgrade as seamless as possible!

1. White Cabinets with High Contrast Accents

A staple of any country kitchen is cabinetry. White cabinets are a must-have in 2023 and our Muskoka hardware collection has the perfect knob piece for your space! If you have the budget for it, completely new cabinets would be amazing, but more realistically a fresh paint job has the exact same effect for a fraction of the cost!
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2. Open Shelving

Looking for a unique way to add character to your farmhouse kitchen? Open shelving brings a fresh design with function and convenience. Pair your most-used cookware with your favorite china and accessories to bring more depth and function to your kitchen!
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3. Farmhouse Sconces

Rustic sconces are continuing their ever-growing popularity into 2023 and we know JUST the place to find your perfect lantern! Our Muskoka rustic lanterns offer a soothing, warm light to an often-hectic kitchen area. Paired with natural light, rustic sconces bring a calming vibrance to your kitchen. Relax while preparing food and unwind during family meals today with our expansive Rustic Lighting Collection!
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4. Natural Material

Natural Finishes and Accents will likely be the biggest farmhouse trend in 2023. No wonder! Wooden seating, natural stone finishes, exposed beams, and barn doors bring a timeless warmth. Not looking to tear up countertops? Adding natural wood utensils and cookware to a porcelain container provides the same effect for under $100!
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5. Muskoka Lighting

There's a reason why we are experts on this topic. 

It's everything we do! We have spent the last 14 years meticulously engineering high-quality lighting pieces to combine the comfort of modern technology with the timeless appeal of rustic design! Each of our lighting styles, from lamps to vanities, are a perfect fit for any kitchen and any budget. Shop our entire lighting collection below and add the final finishing touches to your newly renovated country kitchen!

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In Summary:

So, if you're looking for the missing pieces in your farmhouse kitchen, look no further! Our 5 tips are sure to upgrade any space regardless of size and budget! Most importantly, take these tips and add your personal flair, make sure to tag us!

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