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Electric Infrared Tungsten Patio Heater Commercial SunWave 6000-Watt 220V

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Our newest development for outdoor space heating. This commercial heating appliance was built and designed to be our highest heat output appliance to date. We have effectively increased the coverage on this unit by adding a 3rd high output Patented gold coated, quartz crystal Tungsten Heating element. in addition to this, we have slightly improved our parabolic deflators to extend the heat blanket coverage all the way out to approximately 25'.

  • ATTENTION ALL CUSTOMERS; This is a HARDWIRED appliance only. We recommend you have only Licensed Electricians Install this heater. This is a high-output patio heating appliance and all installation clearance requirements MUST be met. 
  • Perfect for any large outdoor area that needs commercial-grade heat. 
  • This heater is Engineered with an extruded aircraft aluminum/ Stainless construction to prevent rust as well as diffuses heat giving you both Infrared heat as well as ambient air heat benefits. High heat, low glare shortwave infrared heat output. In combination with our patented Gold coated Halogen element and our heat reflectors, we stand apart from the competition with heat output tested and lab certified.
  • Designed to work both Outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Outdoor Range: 25' plus in the line of sight.
  • 24,000 BTU covering approximately 300 Square feet coverage approximately
  • ETL Listed for both USA and European safety compliance regulations.
  • All mounting brackets are included with each unit.
  • Adjustable angle up and down.
  • Unit measurements; 51" Long X 12" Deep (mounted on brackets) X 10" tall X 25 LBS
  • 6000 Watt 220~240 volt 25 Amp. REQUIRES 220V power source.